Steel Structure Poultry House

●Anti-corrosive aluminum-zinc coated colored panel
●Hot galvanized steel column as structural material
●Multiple options for heat preservation materials, fiber glass batt, PU panel, PU spray or fiber spray.
●Single span up to 30m (double span up to 60m).
●Flat ceiling.
●Service life up to 30~50 years.
●Roof gradient 10°~15°(decided by local climate)
●Shortest construction period, only 8-13 months for breeder sow farm project with a capacity of 3000~ 5000 pigs.

Modernized Pig Farm

Steel Structure House


●Galvanized framework and aluminum-zinc coated sheet ensures the long service life of the houses.
●Optimal structure design, cost saving and safety guaranteed
●Highly effective design and material for heat preservation ensures the performance, which is energy saving.
●Reasonable connection of steel framework, ensures the stability of the house.
●Optimized edge cover ensures the nice sealing and waterproof effect.
●Each construction material is verified by Big Herdsman through various projects construction experience. We ensures that all the materials match the entire design of the project.
●The houses finished by Big Herdsman are perfectly matched with the equipments going to be mounted, which guarantees the best equipment performance.