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Automatic Delivering System can transmit feed automatically.

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>>>Main Feed Line
Big Herdsman automatic delivering system is composed of silo, driving system, pvc tube,quality auger and so on, and is well-sealed. It increase management efficiency, reduce cross-infection and realize high automation of production process in the whole farm.


>>>Chain Feeding System

● The chain-type feeding is fast, with low noise and stable operation;
●The feedis distributeduniformly, and the stale feed may be refreshed;
● Each layer of the feeding line is in isolated operation without affecting the chickens eating the feed;
● The feeding line is equipped with a safety pin that may be cut off during motor overloadto protect the motor;
● It operates stably and reliably and requires less maintenance.
● The entrance TS corner does not need lubricating maintenance;
● The corner cover is transparent for the convenience of observation of internal corner;
● The entrance TS chain is of large bearing force, which is of long service life without deformation;
● Appropriate hardness, high tensile strength and low ductility;


>>>Scraper Type Feeding System

●The chains with simple structure, and easy to handle;
●The drive in the postion of conner, with bigger troque;
●The new corner with optimal structure, more simple and higher, can make the feed not to be bolcked, overflowed or stored;
●Stronger and faster feed delivery, and the speed is 2 times as the common chain feed line.


>>>Hopper feeding system

●It is uniform for feeding to ensure that the chicks eat the feed uniformly and are high in weight uniformity;
●The feed distributor can refresh the feed to ensure that there is no feed accumulated or no “stale” feed;
●It has low energy consumption during running and low maintenance rate;
●The feed box is separated from the trough or in contact with plastic parts, so as to effectively avoid the trough from wear;
●V-shaped trough may avoid "Feed at Edge" to prevent the feed from accumulating and mildewing, and affecting the health of chickens;


Feed Distributor For Pullets

● It can distribute the feed uniformly so as to meet the feeding of 1-day-old chicks;
● The feed cannot be accumulated at the front part, and the remaining feed can pass through the distributor;
● It can control blanking quantitatively, and control the blanking amount precisely;
● The uniform distributor is not in contact with the trough, so that the trough is free of wear;

The main feed line can load automatically,and the material controller controls the switch.


Feed Distributor For Layers

● The feed can be uniformly distributed, which is convenient for controlling the weight uniformity of chickens;
● The feed cannot be accumulated at the front part, and the remaining feed after being eaten by chickens can pass through the distributor from the bottom and sides;
● It can control blanking quantitatively, and control the blanking amount precisely;
● It increases surface-line contact between the plastic padsto the greatest extent;and is supported by rollers to reduce wear of the trough;

The magnetic end device design:
effectively clean the accumulated feed to avoid mildew, ensure bird healthy and save labour.


>>>Broiler Pan Feeding System

Main Features Of Broiler Feed Pan
●Typical 05 feed pans can be adjusted in 5 feed levels, and other pans can be adjusted in 10 feed levels.
●The slide shut-off is used for adjusting feed drop hole on feed pipe from completely open to completely closed.
●Feed amount in pan can be adjusted accurately with simple and fast manner.
●The pan dish can be removed from the pan for pullets feeding.
●V shape corrugated dish prevents too much feed accumulation, always providing fresh feed for the pullets and avoid them resting in the pan.
●Edge of pan dish tilts towards the dish center, which avoids feed waste.
●Sooth pan edge avoid hurting bird crop, providing them safe and comfortable feeding experience.
●Feed pan can be installed in fixed or rotatable manner.


>>>Breeder Pan Feeding System

Main Features Of Female Feed Pan
●Four pans/3m, i.e. pan interval is 750mm.
●Feed pan diameter: 360mm.
●Material: PP (Polypropylene)
●Feeding capacity: 12.5 birds/ pan on average
●16 feeding positions, grill width can be adjusted in 11 levels from 40mm to 52mm, meeting the demands of breeders in all growing phase of all species.
●Feeding position height (grill height) can be adjusted in 70mm, 80mm and 90mm three levels. The pullets can get in and out of the pan freely when W=52mm, H=90mm.
●The feed will not flow out when the grill height is adjusted to 70mm.
●Feed capacity: in 16 levels, from 300 to 800g/pan. Meeting demands of birds in all growing phases.
●Designed with slide shut-off, capable of shutting off any pan if necessary.
●Pan dish can be easily disassembled and you can leave the dish hanged to the grill when flushing the pan.


>>>Breeder Chain Feeding System

●The driving unit adopts cycloidal reduction gear, and works in reliable and smooth performance with even feed distribution and low noise. Feed delivery speed is up to 36m/min.
●The height of feed trough can be adjusted according to different raising period.
●The support of feed trough is made of high intensity nylon material, antiseptic and anti-corrosion, more suitable for poultry house environment.
●Turn angle of 90 degrees adopts self-lubricated composite axle sleeve, not needing maintenance for the products; wheel and guide rail are treated with special hardening; the transparent cover of ●polycarbonate is more durable for service and visible, facilitating inspection inside the device, having features of easy repair, wear proofing and long service life, etc.
●Feed trough is made of rust-resistant material. The feed trough with 44mm grill interval can effectively separate the males from females. Grill interval can also be customized as per needed.
●The section of feed trough connected to the feed hopper is designed with cover panel, which can effectively prevent feed overflow.


●Big Herdsman provides for you sowing mode and hopper trolley mode two options for feed supply. (hot galv. , zinc layer 275g/㎡)
Advantage for sowing type feed supply: simple and efficient structure, lower price, more suitable for newly built poultry house.
●Advantage for hopper trolley feed loading: compact structure, smooth and accurate feed drop. It takes up smaller space, which will not interfere with lights drooping arrangement. Its application requires less of poultry house floor flatness.

Main feed line
Circulated main feed line can be actuated by sub feed line control pan, making sure all broilers have sufficient feed.

Sub feed line
Feed pan is specially made for broiler cage, applicable from day one bird to harvest with less feed waste.


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