24 hour service hotline

We offer the customers 24 hour service line, by which you can learn about our products for poultry and livestock breeding, farm design, service items, or any other questions related with the products. You can get the desired information simply by dialing 【+86 66962297/66962298】, and we’ll be honored to provide you with the relevant information.

Call-tracking service

We’ll track the customer for the product condition constantly, solve the accidental equipment failure in the shortest time, provide the customer with the professional technological guidance and solutions, in order to make sure the equipments in normal operation.

Reminding with safety precautions regularly

In each summer or winter, Big Herdsman Short Message System would send reminding messages about items needed your attention in extreme heat and coldness conditions, for the purpose of prolong the products’ service life.

On-site guidance

For problems cannot be solved over phone calls, Big Herdsman will arrange professional engineers to solve the issues on site, provided that the products are within the warranty period. If the problem is caused by product quality, well offer the service for return, exchange and repair as per real situation.

Provide accessories

Big Herdsman provide the customers with high quality original spare parts to solve the problems such as spare parts changing or upgrading.

Product sales coverage

Covering more than 20 countries world-wide and all regions in China.

Informational management platform

Informational management platform for husbandry products is a software-control researching center, its members are national top technological elites who are independent and creative at the same time. They work out a managing system with both software and hardware control, which provide the customer with simple and efficient data collection, analyzing and breeding house monitoring and management.If the customer has any questions, please contact our engineer via communication tools such as telephone or internet, they’ll conduct remote monitoring and analyzing to solve your problems.

Official website

Big Herdsman official website has been updated and renewed, which provide the customer with 24 hour on-line service. At the same time, the web provide the customer with servicing and supporting module, and it is much more convenient for the customer to solve common problems confronted in installation and operation.

TECENT WeChat platform

Big Herdsman official WeChat platform shares the latest industry development and company news, breeding tips and technological guidance. Please follow Big Herdsman WeChat platform, so that you can not only get the above information but also communicate with our service personnel via the platform.

Big Herdsman provide you with one-stop service, including pre-sales consultation, project scheme, farm design, farm construction (brick structure/ steel structure), product manufacturing, installation and training, to fulfill the promise in turnkey project.