Vietnam Broiler Breeder Project

Recently, one foreign quality project,48 houses of broiler breeder project in Vietnam has been successfully completed installation and delivered to the customer. 

This project consists of 48 houses of 6 areas. Big Herdsman is committed to providing customized solution by 8 years of strategic cooperation exploration between our company and customers. The project is equipped with centralized feeding system, weighing system, automatic feeding system, dringking system and smart environmental control system. Our customer can enjoy high efficiency and convenience by using modern automation equipment.

Project Features:

1.Feed delivery with weighing system

The use of feeding delivery and automatic feeding equipment, not only avoids vehicle entering production area directly, but also ensures the biosafety in the field and realizes the precise control of breeder feeding.

2.Silo and the whole outdoor feed line insulation

This insulation innovation can control the inner temperature of the silo effectively.  It can be reduced by 2-5℃ compared with the outertemperature by test.  Meanwhile, it can effectively avoid the loss of nutrients and toxin in feed under high temperature, reduce the death rate of fatty liver of layers, increase production efficiency. 

3.Panel door on side wall

Compared with the original side wall curtain system,the sealing and hood effect of side wall panel door performs better. It also keeps heat insulation in the house. It is equipped with emergency fall device. In case of power failure and other special condition, it can be opened automatically to increase the natural ventilation and avoid production accidents.  

Mr Zhang as BH project engineer at site, is responsible for guidance during whole equipment installation period, and provide a series of training on equipment use and maintenance to the farm staff. He won the praise and trust from our customers with his professional service and dedication.

Big Herdsman exploited overseas market for many years, which has been recognized by more and more overseas customers. Let’s look forward to the better future!

Post time: Jul-01-2021