Vietnam Broiler Breeder Project

The 64 houses of Vietnam broiler breeder project contracted by Big Herdsman is the third cooperation with this group.  The project has a total of 4 sites, each site is equipped with centralized feeding system, weighing system, automatic feeding system, water supply system and smart climate control system. Different from previous projects, part of the products in this cooperation have been upgraded to get closer to customers’ needs.  
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It adopted the automatic feeding and weighing system, which feed truck does not need to enter the farm for feeding, which not only ensures the biosafety in the yard, but also realizes the precise control of feeding quantity for breeders.  
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The silo is equipped with heat insulation to avoid overheating and deterioration of feed, which is conducive to the preservation of feed in tropical countries.  
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The panel door on the side wall not only keep insulation of the chicken house, but also is equipped with emergency shedding device. In case of power failure, it can be opened automatically to ensure the air circulation in the house.  
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Mr Zhang as BH project engineer at site, is responsible for guidance during whole equipment installation period, and provide a series of training on equipment use and maintenance to the farm staff. He won the praise and trust from our customers with his professional service and dedication.图片18

Post time: Jun-24-2021