Building pig farm design key points -Big Herdsman Yiyang Tianxin Pig Farm

With the trend of building patterns in recent years, various building piggery patterns emerge. As the pioneer of building design in China, Big Herdsman explores intelligent building design in the future in the design of new building piggery. In order to continue to optimize the building design process, improve the quality of the pig farm, recently, Big herdsman pig farm design and research institute to Hunan Tianxin 7200 pig farm site review. This project is the construction project of 7200 breeding pigs base introduced by Yuanjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The project covers an area of 260 mu, with a total investment of 190 million yuan and an annual output of 180,000 piglets. Big herdsman designed the pigsty system, environmental control system, intelligent feeding system, sewage discharge system and deodorization system for the project.
After on-site review, Big herdsman engineers summed up the following technical key points:
Building piggery, especially high floor piggery sewage is one of the design points of the building piggery. For the sewage discharge of the high floor piggery, the inspection well reserved on the outdoor ground should be raised to prevent the ground inspection well from being flushed open by the feces after the top floor is pulled out, causing leakage.
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The column design is in the corridor, the pigsty can be arranged closely to the column, and the feed line is installed inward to avoid the column, which can greatly save the civil construction cost of the building
The problem of water in the deodorization room often occurs during the use of the deodorization system (the water is sprayed with deodorization water to the deodorization filter curtain to the corridor or brought back by the wind).Big herdsman design institute suggested that the deodorant room should be designed with a gradient of 1% in the direction of the tank, adding a floor drain, and adding a water retaining eave to the deodorant tank.图片5

Big herdsman pig farm research institute through the technical review of the site summary, the building design points put forward higher design requirements and reasonable suggestions, reduce the cost of building design, optimize the design process, to more efficient, safer, more intelligent, more environmental protection of the building design mode again!图片6图片7

Post time: Jun-24-2021