Big Herdsman overseas Extra long coop broiler project

Big herdsman is committed to providing breeding programs for customers according to local conditions. In Colombia, South America, an extra long chicken coop project that conforms to the local national conditions has been designed, At present, the delivery of dozens of extra long chicken coops has been completed.

Unlike conventional chicken houses with a length of less than 120 meters, the length of the super-long chicken house can reach 165 meters. We have mature solutions for the problems of brooding, ventilation, and chicken production in the extra long chicken coop. It can achieve the same breeding effect as the conventional chicken house, and has a larger breeding volume than the conventional chicken house, and the overall cost of the entire chicken house is also lower.

Big Herdsman has been deeply involved in foreign markets for many years and has established profound friendships with overseas friends.

Our old customers in Colombia have a history of cooperation with us for nearly 16 years. They have purchased our equipment many times and are very satisfied with our product quality and service during the process of cooperation.


The 6 extra long chicken coop in Colombia have a length of 165m, a width of 16m, and a breeding scale of 250,000 heads.sawe

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Post time: Aug-24-2021