Big Herdsman “2472″ mode Pig Building Project

As a leader of pig building design in China, Big Herdsman has been leading the design of building piggery. In order to continue to optimize the design process of the building, Big herdsman pig farm design and research institute to Hunan Tianxin 7200 pig farm site review.


Designers and field engineers

The pattern is that house and farrowing building are arranged in a slotted layout pattern.

Big Herdsman provided a complete set of process design for the whole site layout, including


the sty system, environmental control system, feeding system, drinking system, deodorant system and other equipment for the whole site.

Aerial view of Tianxin breeding pig

1.Biosafety design:

The design principle of “five districts + five delivery”

Five areas: isolation detection area + outer living area + inner living area + production area + sewage treatment area

Five streams: human traffic + feed delivery + pig delivery (healthy pigs, eliminated pigs) + logistics + manure delivery


2.Process design of piggery

Closed-loop feeding in each building: feed in, and 15kg nursery pigs out;

1200 sows pertier, independent production line; level 1 is temporary conservation +GDU


Scene Photo 1


Scene Photo 2


Scene Photo 3

3.Attractive design

A deodorant system with its own sink


Photos of deodorant site installation

Tianxin Building Pig Farm uses Big Herdsman advanced deodorant system and creative finished water tank.

Three advantages of finished water tank:

a. No need to do anti-seepage treatment, to solve the problem of water leakage through the cement groove;

b. Convenient installation and labor saving: the construction period for 1200 cement tanks of the production line is about 5 days, while the finished water tank only takes 2 days;

c. Lower cost than civil construction!

Pan feeding line system to each tier

No feed line hoist; No need for silo transfer platform!

4 storey building directly 60 feed pan climbing into the house, simple, reliable, saving and efficient!


 Installation photos of material tower

Perfect coupling of construction, equipment and breeding technology

From the dimension of equipment, the contradiction between construction area and breeding technology is solved


Install wire avoiding post

Project delivery: 8 teams, 70 days

The installation has the standard, the process has the inspection.Big Herdsman Project Center completed the equipment installation task of Lianzitang Pig Farm of Tianxin Seed Industry with both quality and quantity guaranteed!


Tianxin site after-sales engineer team

Post time: Jul-01-2021