Big Herdsman invests ¥130 million to develop technology and expand production.

The money is devoted in the following areas: new workshop, researching center, testing center, modernized warehouse, and many brand new production lines. The 24 automatic injection molding machines associated with machinery arms, for example, apparently improves the efficiency for production.

Big Herdsman also set up a branch company named Husbandry Engineering Corporation which is committed to farm house consultation, design, project construction (brick/ steel structure), project hand over, installation training and farm management, all of which is called turnkey project.


“Climate Control Theory And Application Committee” is officially established along with its first research communication conference.

The conference was started with a speech by President Wang Jingfa, in which he expresses his hope for the promising future of Big Herdsman and even China in breeding industry. After this inspiring speech, vice president and committee director Zheng Shuli announces the rules and regulations for the committee. Leng Jianwei, CEO of electric automation and vice director of the committee, summarizes the essence of climate control and ventilation theory, and inspire the members’ motivation for development. The establishment of this committee is a mile stone of Big Herdsman technology development.


Pig Farm Project Design Institution is established, which is committed to modernized pig farm design and researching.

Meanwhile the climate control system, including automatic information managing system and telecommunication system are upgraded from BH3209, BH 6211 to BH 8218.


Broiler cage researching department is established. At the same time, Big Herdsman starts the research and design in pig electronic feeding system.


Internet was officially applied in breeding industry, which implied the intellectualization of this field. In this year, auto control researching center was established, from then on, Big Herdsman is capable of producing automatic control system of its own brand. This symbolizes that BH has entered an era of intellectual breeding, in which climate controller and SMS alarm system are applied in breeding culture.

At the same time, Big Herdsman equipments officially enter the European and US market with its new automatic equipments.


By establishing duck and rabbit products, Big Herdsman starts to develop products in multiple areas based on poultry and pig products. In this year, BH equipments enter the Iran market, and wins quite favorable comments.


Big Herdsman develops a series of its own products such as nipple drinking system, broiler feeding system, air inlet, nipple drinker and breeder pan feeding system, and successfully exported these products into the Kazakhstan market.

Meanwhile, BH starts to develop pig products to meet the market demands. Pig pens officially enter the Pakistan and Southeastern Asian markets in 2006, and wins nice comments.


Big Herdsman Machinery Co., LTD is officially founded in QingDao ShanDong Province, China. From then on, BH starts to develop and produce poultry breeding equipments.