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>>>Adjustable farrowing pen
●The length and width of the sow pen is adjustable, and suit for different size of sow as it grows.
●Anti pressing bar, slow down the speed of sow lying rate, protect the piglet.
●Adjustable bar in the lower part of the sow pen, more comfortable for the sow lie-down.
●Stainless steel feed trough, easy for washing.
●PVC panel, easy to clear and disinfect, the piglet can walk around the sow, increase piglet activity, and good for its growth and health.

Multiple models for your option, including PE feeder (with SS fold edge), one time molded SS feeder and welded SS feeder.

Adjustable back door, suitable for the different stage of sow growth. Provide more space for the sow.

Adjustable restricting bar is good for the piglet growth.

Special design of back door is convenient to drive out pigs





>>>Gestation Stall (Round Steel Bar)
Made of solid steel bar, more wear-resistant. Two options for surface processing: hot dip galvanized or powder sprayed.
●The slat fixing strip is hot dip galvanized, more convenient for installation.
●Mating rear door and regular rear door two options.
●Two options for pen length, 2. 1m and 2.3m.

Gestation stall-1

>>>Round Steel Bar farrowing Pen
●The sow restriction pen length can be adjusted in two steps.
●The bottom adjusting bar is in curve design.
●Two side open rear door.
●Capable to be associated with various feed troughs, and the feeder is convenient to be removed for cleaning.
●The piglet PVC panel is with nice insulation effect. It’s in high strength and convenient for cleaning and disinfetion.


>>>Big Herdsman Pig Slat
Plastic full-slot slat:700*600mm,600*600mm,500*600mm,400*600mm,
Plastic solid slat:600*600mm
Cast iron slat:400*600mm,500*600mm,600*600mm,700*600mm,1100*600mm,1200*600mm,726*860mm
●Plastic slat is with smooth surface, and the load bearing for each bar is no less than 200 kg.
●Cast iron slat is slippery proof, and the load bearing for each bar is no less than 500 kg.


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